Noud Sleumer is a conceptual designer whose role is to critique ‘the act of making’. Within self-initiated and explorative projects his focus is trained on methods of deconstruction and reduction. Simplicity is the tool that underlies these approaches and enables Sleumer to create new playgrounds of creativity, in which we can collectively re-examine our relationship to man-made matter. 







































(Im)material Telephone is a long-term research project that aims to investigate the leftover value of expired smartphones. By unraveling the sequence of habits, routines and actions of both local usage and global production, a framework of information that is often inaccessible or neglected is being created.

The research focuses on linking the different ecological, societal and technological layers of the contemporary waste product with each other, in order to create a platform functioning as a tool to engage, question and value the global production network of our most important communication devices.

The construction of data gained through this research has been the catalyst for projects like ‘Smartphone Destructor’ andAnonymous Smartphones’ while currently the potential of manifesting this information into the form of a (haptic) lexicon is being explored.












These pictures of shredded smartphones are the result of the ‘Smartphone Destructor’




© Noud Sleumer, 2020

















Smartphone material fan deck: smartphones are produced out of 42 raw materials