Noud Sleumer is a conceptual designer whose role is to critique ‘the act of making’. Within self-initiated and explorative projects his focus is trained on methods of deconstruction and reduction. Simplicity is the tool that underlies these approaches and enables Sleumer to create new playgrounds of creativity, in which we can collectively re-examine our relationship to man-made matter. 

































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Is it possible to de-design design? Of course it is! Very practically, by taking things apart. But any deconstruction also has material implications and philosophical layers. At all of these levels, Noud Sleumer is a de-maker. He leads us into the systematic de-design of everyday things, unfolding his knowledge of this issue along the way.
De-Design demonstrations were given every day during Dutch Design Week 2019, within the exhibition 'The Object Is Absent' at MU Artspace in Eindhoven. The exhibition was an optimistic manifesto for less materialistic design. The Object is Absent is an ever-moving presentation that does not revolve around the object but around the act.

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The Object is Absent

A Rietveld chair in a space, remembering how it got there and how it slowly disappears, while in the meantime we learn to see it for what it really is. Film by Alexandre Humbert.