Noud Sleumer is a conceptual designer who's role is to critique ‘the act of making’. Within self-initiated and explorative projects his focus is trained on methods of deconstruction and reduction. Simplicity is the tool that underlies these approaches and enables Sleumer to create new playgrounds of creativity, in which we can collectively re-examine our relationship to man-made matter. 

































































In this experiment we were investigating the process of aging in a digital format.
We made a 3D model of a bunny. This model could only be downloaded 5 times before it was dissolving. Each time the 3D model was downloaded, the quality of the bunny decreased by losing polygons (3D pixels). In this way the 3D model would regain his value.
The first version of the 3D model is worth the most, the second a little less and so on.
Slowly the designs age, rust, fade away and dissolve completely.
In this way we created a dissolving database.
Not only the bunny was in the dissolving database. For example, we dissolved a shoe too.

This experiment was a collaboration with students and teachers from the Academy for Art Communication and Design. It was presented on the Dutch Design Week 2014.






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